The Trick to Staying Positive (Hint: It’s Not That Simple)


Why did I start this blog? I honestly don’t know. I don’t expect people to read this, and I might even delete this whole website if I get embarrassed reading it in the future. Whatever I do with this, hopefully, it will help me organize my thoughts.

People ask me why I can stay so positive every day. “How are you able to be smiley all the time?” “What’s the trick to always being happy?” I don’t have an exact answer. There is no simple “how”, or “trick” to staying happy–at least for me. I work my socks off every day to keep a positive mindset.

The thing is, I get upset too. It all starts with a cup of tea spilling on the table, and that whole day seems to collapse. I stub my toe on the corner of my bed. I’m late for school. I don’t give up my seat to a mother carrying a baby and I hate myself for the next few hours. And on this particular day, I just HAD to break out in the most recognizable spot so I can hate myself even more. There are days that are just “not my day”, which is why I don’t take the happy days for granted.

I guess what I want to say is, obviously, I’m not perfect. I’ll write this blog in total honesty (which, by the way, does not mean this will be a dark, nasty, Burn Book) and hopefully, it will give out some hints as to how I change a completely pain-in-the-neck event to a lesson learned. And hopefully, it will help me embrace my imperfections as well.

But who knows, I may just end up writing about the delicious dinner I had last night. Either way, I hope you enjoy this journey with me:)

Put your happy pants on and I’ll see you later,