I Promise This Isn’t Sponsored


Now that I’ve graduated and am officially a member of the society (a.k.a no more student discounts, a.k.a my wallet is crying), I started a part-time job recently.

I work as an assistant at an English cram school. It’s not just an English cram school, though–it’s an after school program for returnees, meant to improve and maintain students’ English skills after they come back to Japan from living abroad. I used to go here for a long time.

What I love about this school is how comfortable the atmosphere is. It’s not the normal school you would imagine. Once you open the door to the school, the first thing you see is the huge lounge complemented with tons of students chattering away in English. Some are eating snacks, some are playing card games, and some are dancing to the music that is coming out from the speaker. The staircase leads to the huge library that looks like a recreated scene from Harry Potter, and the older students are burying their heads into their books while sinking into their beanbag chairs. Students who feel cramped in the Japanese society and feel like outsiders sometimes can come to this school and meet tons of other students just like them. It’s literally like a second house (look at me doing my job and casually advertising my cram school lol).

I was a student at this cram school for about 6 years. This place not only helped me get in to my dream junior/senior high school and college, but they also made me feel at home. And let me tell you, as a returnee, this wasn’t easy.

I’ll write a blog about what it’s like to be a returnee in the next blog, but for now, I just wanted to introduce this cram school to you guys. If there are any people who are curious as to what name/where it is, please feel free to comment! I’ll DM you–after all, I am a worker here now.

I’ll write more about my job later (is it just me or did the advertising part take up most of the space of this blog post? sorry).

Put your happy pants on and I’ll see you later,