Wise Words of a 7-Year-Old


“What’s 1+1?”

A 7-year-old came up to me one day during work and asked this to me. Without thinking, I bluntly answered, “2.”


Here comes the Big Question, I thought, as I stopped what I was doing and faced him.

“Here’s 1,” I said, as I put one finger up, “and here’s another 1.” I had two index fingers sticking up in front of this boy’s face. “When you stick them together…” I positioned my two index fingers next to each other. “You get a 2.”

I could feel the boy’s eyes following every movement of my hands. “But that’s an 11.”

I looked at my two index fingers and felt as if I was caught red-handed. That did look like an 11.

I tried again. “No, there are 2 index fingers here, see?”


“Because you learn this in math class, don’t you? We have to accept what we learn at school because they’re thought to be the truth in this world.” This kid was messing me up.

“But if you can’t explain the reason to an answer, then it can’t be true!” The 7-year-old gave me a goofy grin and said, “I win.”

And that was true–even I could explain the reason for that. I could not explain the world’s easiest math question, and a 7-year-old had crushed me by telling me that 2 didn’t deserve to be the answer of 1+1 unless I could tell him why. I had been defeated.

This is what it’s like to work with kids. They have mind blowing perspectives that we can’t come up with, and it’s impossible not to have fun with them.

Have you been told something by a kid that took you by surprise? Leave them in the comments below! 🙂

Put your happy pants on and I’ll see you later,



Graduation, and Why I Don’t Want to Be Congratulated


I graduated 5 days ago. And let me tell you, it’s crazy.

Having been in the same school for 6 years, it’s weird to suddenly wake up and realize you can actually sleep in. It’s weird having to carefully pick out your clothes instead of randomly grabbing your uniform. It’s weird to realize you’re no longer going to get on that same train you always take, walk that same route you always walked, see those same faces you always saw in the morning. It’s weird not belonging.

During these 5 days, so many people have given me kind words on my graduation. But one thing in common is that they all begin with the same word: “Congratulations.” My answer is, of course, always “Thank you,” but I wonder. Why do I have to be congratulated when I’m here crying in my own puddle of tears?

I couldn’t possibly express how important my school has been in my life. My school made me who I am today, and I have so much love for my teachers, friends, and the 6 years I spent there. I miss my school and I still can’t accept the fact that I’m a graduate, but no worries–people keep slamming the word GRADUATION into my face to remind me of the reality. Congratulations, you graduated! Now get your butt out of here and MOVE ON.

I know I’ll move on, eventually. As I write this, my elementary school group chat is suddenly becoming active, with several people saying they want to meet up. I don’t recognize anybody in this chat. We make friends, we forget them. It’ll probably be this way for my junior/senior high school friends as well.

But what I can say is that for now, I don’t want to forget the friends I made during the 6 years. I am so thankful for my school for bringing us together, and for providing me with these people that make this goodbye so sad.

Put your happy pants on and I’ll see you later,